I think that the French composer Maurice Ravel (rival of Stanislav Binicki) the batch “ Mars after drinu ” copied (way committed!), for his batch of his famous ‘ Bolero ” (composed in 1920). I am surprised, that until now, I never have read anything on this matter. If you compare both composities alongside each other and alongside each other shall submit listening, there is only one conclusion: this is it! My girlfriend, who comes from Serbia, did listen some time ago with me on the marketplace to a „draaiorgel“ (hand played automated Dutch organ) in Amsterdam; it canot be more Dutch than this (almost impossible!). She listened to the music performed by the organ, which I thought to be the ‘ Bolero ” of Ravel . But she said straight away: ‘ Oh, that is the „Mars na Drinu” ‘. We did now very carefully examine both pieces on the Internet and there is only one conclusion possible: Binicki was the first one that composed this piece and, as I read, he performed it on May 25th, 1915 in Kragujevac, Serbia. Ravel composed his ‘ Bolero ’ much later, only in 1920.
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